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Board of Directors

Santa Ynez River Water Conservation District Board of Directors is a 5 member board elected by division. The Board of Directors regularly meet on the 3rd Wednesday of March, June, September, December at 6:30 pm, per Resolution No. 725 (approved by Board of Directors on December 6, 2023).  The board may also schedule special meetings at other times when needed, and will post notice according to the Brown Act.

Santa Ynez River Water Conservation District is governed by an elected board of directors who are elected to serve by the people. Board members serve a four year term; there is no limit to how many terms a board member may serve. Candidates must reside and be registered to vote in the Division in which they are campaigning to represent. The board is the legislative body of the district. They determine the policies by which the district operates.

SYRWCD Division Boundaries as of March 9, 2022
Division Boundaries of SYRWCD (as of March 9, 2022)
Description of the SYRWCD Division Boundaries (Adopted by Resolution No. 708, March 9, 2022)
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