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2022 Redistricting

Redistricting Requirements

            Reapportionment must be considered every ten years using population data from the federal decennial census.  Senate Bill 594 (Glazer) was signed into law late September 2021 and took effect immediately. The measure requires all special districts with board member elections by division to pass a board resolution adopting adjusted division boundaries by April 17, 2022, if their regular election is on the same day as the statewide November 2022 general election (Election Code § 22000.1(b)(1).). The District's next general election (Jordan, Allen) is November 8, 2022.

           Elections Code Section 22000 requires the District, using the federal decennial census as a basis, to adjust the boundaries of its Divisions so they are equal in population "as far as practicable."  This standard is similar to the "substantial equality" rule applied to state legislators.  The goal is to establish Divisions with equal populations in each.  However, in adjusting boundaries, Elections Code Section 22000 expressly provides that the Board may consider the following factors:  1) topography, 2) geography, 3) cohesiveness, contiguity, integrity and compactness of territory, and 4) communities of interest.

December 1, 2021:  Notice of Intent to Adjust Division Boundaries (Resolution 704)

March 2, 2022: Public Hearing regarding Intent to Adjust Division Boundaries

2022 Proposed Redivisioning Map, figure 1
2022 Proposed Redivisioning Map, figure 2
2022 Proposed Redivisioning Map, figure 3
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Street level detail of proposed boundary adjustments for Divisions 1, 2, 3, and 4 in the City of Lompoc.
Staff Memo: Intent to adjust division boundaries with maps (presented to Board of Directors on 12-01-2021)Resolution 704 - Intent to Adjust Division Boundaries and Notice of Hearing (passed December 1, 2021)
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